A whole new shooting experience awaits you on our indoor range with our brand new Live Fire Arcade!

The Live Fire Arcade is the latest in interactive shooting and skill building systems, with static & moving targets, and is the first of its kind in the industry.  Challenge yourself to various interactive games:   5 Plate Rack – Timed, Battleship, Cans, Two Carnival Games, Clay Birds, Flipping Plates, Judgement, Shoot ‘em up – Western, Shooter Alley, Training Orb, Vermin Shoot, Independence Day, ...with more games coming soon, including Zombie Shoot Outs!

Use a real gun with real ammunition – not simulation, not laser-based!  No modifications needed to your firearms.  Bring your favorite gun or use one of our rentals.  Handguns or rifles!  Includes bluetooth ear protection where you can hear the effects of your shots – whether you blow up a can of gasoline, shoot out a window, or shoot the metal plates, you’ll hear the sound effects through the wireless headphones.  Powered by a touch screen interface where you easily choose the game(s) you play – play one or play them all for one low price.  Enjoy two arcade lanes next to each other so you and a friend can compete & compare scores!  Electronic scoring for accuracy.

Our advice: Bring extra mags!