Cigars at Trop!

Like to Shoot Guns and Smoke Cigars?
We Do Too!

Trop offers our customers hundreds of varieties of Premium Cigars in our Walk-In Cigar Humidor located just off the retail floor.

From the most popular Drew Estate lines to the local Casta Cigars and Veteran-Owned Warfighter Tobacco and beyond, if you enjoy Fine Cigars and Everyday Smokes alike, then Trop is your one-stop-shop. Once you’ve made your cigar purchase, enjoy a smoke on our 2nd Floor Cigar Deck.

Cigar Humidor
Trop's Cigar Deck

Once You’ve Made Your Cigar Purchase, Enjoy a Smoke on Our 2nd Floor Cigar Deck.

Our selection expands daily as we continue to develop our Premium Cigar offerings.

Follow our Facebook page for regular updates on new and exciting cigars and to keep an eye out for our regular Cigar Events, like our Gunsmoke Lancaster and Smokin’ Sundays events.

Donate Cigars to Our Troops!

We are also a proud Donation Center for Cigar For Warriors, a 501(c)3 which collects and disperses premium cigars and accessories to American Service Men and Women serving in combat zones.

Cigars for Warriors