Traumatic First Aid

NEWLY EXPANDED IN 2017 - Those that are willing and able to engage in a fight for self-defense or in the defense of others must consider the possibility that they may be injured in the conflict. Not all injury results in death, especially if life-saving aid is administered as soon as possible. In TFA, participants will learn the basics of traumatic first aid. The training will include scene safety considerations, basic patient assesemt utilizing MARCH, triage & prioritization, hemorrhage control, respiratory management, transport carries and extended care options. The course will focus on teaching shooters to use the items commonly found in most trauma kits including, tourniquets, dressings, chest seals, NPAs and protective equipment. This is NOT A certification course of any kind but is designed to further the education and understanding of 1st aid priniciples and concepts.

Please note: this is not a certifying course.

Class is maxed at 12 students.

  • Investment: $99.99
  • Duration: 4 Hours (4 Hours Classroom + Practical Application)
  • Recommended Skill Level: All Levels
  • Equipment Needed: None
Traumatic First Aid
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