Study Hall

Going to formal training is only the FIRST step in developing your defensive and shooting capabilities. Building and maintaining these skills is a vital and often overlooked component to firearms training. This is where our Study Hall program comes in to play. Each Study Hall session will include drills and scenarios that vary from month to month, guided by our experienced instructors. These courses are the perfect time to “put in the reps” to maintain a core skill or build on a new one.

Topics will change each month and will always include a reinforcement of the basics of marksmanship, work in a core defensive principle and building of new or overlooked techniques. This will be an open and cooperative training environment where we will also bring in guest instructors from time to time to share their knowledge and expertise. Whether you want to pay per session or purchase a training upgrade for your membership we have options! Unlike back in school, this is the kind of study hall you will want to attend.

Maximum Participants per Class: 12

  • Investment: $19.99
  • Duration: 2 Hours
  • Recommended Skill Level: Intermediate and up
  • Equipment Needed:

    • Varies for each class (we will post training topics on Social Media the week of Study Hall)
Study Hall
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