Membership at the Trop Indoor Range is the quickest, easiest and most cost-effective way to enjoy our amazing facility. We have several membership packages available, each with a whole host of benefits in addition to access to the area’s premier indoor shooting range. Sharing the shooting sports lifestyle is very important to us and we make adding your entire family simple and affordable. Contact us today for more information and pick up your membership the next time you are in! With membership at Trop Gun Shop we provide you the means to equip, educate, empower and enhance your shooting sports lifestyle.

Range Memberships


Premium Membership

Standard Membership

Face Value

Face Value

     Free Unlimited Range Use X X $240 Minimum
1 Hour Per Month
$240 Minimum
1 Hour Per Month
     Free Unlimited Range Rentals X X
Standard Rentals Only
$240 Minimum
1 Per Month + 4 FA Rentals
$120 Minimum
1 Rental Per Month
     Lane Reservations X X Your Time is Priceless! Your Time is Priceless!
     Free Eye & Ear Protection Rentals X   $30 Minimum  
     Free Targets X   $20 Minimum  
     Guest Passes 12 4 $150 $50
     Free Gun Cleaning 6 2 $120 $40
     Free Member's Only Training Classes 4 1 $275+ $70+
     Annual Cost $549.99 $349.99 Face Value Face Value
     Family Upgrade +$150.00 +$150.00 $1300 $600

Visit us in store to sign up!