Patrol Rifle

In Patrol Rifle we look to expand the skill set of the individual officer in the use of his Patrol Rifle in realistic application. This course reinforces good fundamentals and handling skills with the rifle but quickly moves to the most common application of the Patrol Rifle. As with all LE Division Courses we tailor fit the training to how the tool is most commonly used and build our curriculum around that concept. In Patrol Rifle we show officers how to use the inherit advantages of the rifle in terms of ballistic capacity, range, capacity and ease of use. We also include a block of instruction on rifle retention and manipulation during non-lethal use of force. Patrol Rifle is the perfect program to get officers using their rifles in a safe, effective manner while maximizing the use of this crucial tool.


  • $200


  • 2-Days (20 Hours)

Ammo Required:

  • 800 Rounds Minimum Rifle *Reduced Price Ammo Available for Class. Email for Details
  • 100 Rounds Handgun

Equipment Required:

  • Patrol Rifle w/Sling
  • 2 Rifle Magazines
  • Duty Handgun
  • Full Duty Gear
  • Eye Protection
  • Hearing Protection (Electronic Preferred)
  • Soft Body Armor
  • Note Taking Gear
  • Weather Appropriate Clothing
  • Old t-shirt (will be shot during training)
Patrol Rifle