Patrol Active Shooter Response

In Patrol Active Shooter Response (ASR) we train officers to the next level of preparedness for this type of attack. This course builds on sustainment training and provides participants with a solid tactical base from which to make rapid assessments and appropriate response strategies. Unlike many other programs, our ASR course does not solely focus on the counter-assault phase but instead evenly divides training between the threat elimination and rescue phase of an active killing. We are able to cover both topics by streamlining the active phase into manageable base response tactics designed to quickly and effective engage a threat. Our two-phase approach allows officers additional training in all possible scenarios of operation and a wide variety of incident types from, active killing, terror attack or other mass casualty event in an unknown threat environment. This is a tactics based non-live fire class.


  • $200


  • 2-Days (20 Hours)

Ammo Required:

  • None

Equipment Required:

  • Duty Handgun
  • Patrol Rifle
  • Blue Gun
  • Full Duty Gear
  • Eye Protection
  • Soft Body Armor
  • High-Vis Vest
  • Note Taking Gear
  • Weather Appropriate Clothing
Patrol Active Shooter Response