Patrol 2-Gun

Patrol 2-Gun offers an intense, comprehensive course in the use of the Patrol Handgun and Rifle. This course includes a day of training in each firearms system highlighting the most critical skills with each. The third day incorporates both guns into a combined defensive system. We explore the capabilities and limitations of both options and include instruction related to additional system options, ballistic demonstration and non-shooting skills related to the operation of the handgun and rifle. Patrol 2-Gun truly deepens and officers effectiveness and ability to operate all options at his or her disposal.


  • $300


  • 3-Days (30 Hours)

Ammo Required:

  • 500 Rounds Handgun *Reduced Price Ammo Available for Class. Email for Details
  • 500 Rounds Rifle

Equipment Required:

  • Duty Handgun
  • 3 Magazines Minimum (5 if single stack)
  • Patrol Rifle w/Sling
  • 3 Rifle Magazines Minimum
  • Full Duty Gear
  • Eye Protection
  • Hearing Protection (Electronic Preferred)
  • Soft Body Armor
  • Note Taking Gear
  • Weather Appropriate Clothing
  • Old t-shirt (will be shot during training)
Patrol 2-Gun