Meet Our Instructors

Training and education is a cornerstone of living the firearms lifestyle. That said, we have selected a core group of trainers with decades of teaching, training and mentoring experience in all skill levels. The diversity of our instructors’ experiences helps us deliver a wide ranging course catalog. All of our trainers have a passion to teach and pass on the lessons they have learned. Listed below is a brief bio of the training and practical experience each of our trainers possess.

Phill Groff

Phil Groff

Phill is an Instructor with Trop Group bringing over 18 years of operational experience as a United States Marine, Police Officer and Trainer. Phill began his career as a Marine serving with FAST Co. After completing multiple schools and deployments with FAST, he began his instructional career serving as a platoon level CQB Instructor. Additionally Phill served with 1st Battalion 6th Marines where he furthered his instructional experience as the lead MCIWS. After the Marine Corp Phill immediately transitioned to a career in law enforcement. Working in Patrol, Training and SWAT for most of his 14 years as a police officer, Phill participated in hundreds of tactical operations and was the Training Coordinator for one of the largest SWAT teams in the state of Pennsylvania.

Phill has been actively involved in the private training community since 2004. Starting with his own company Phalanx Training Group, he progressed as an adjunct instructor for the United States Shooting Academy and then the Chief Operations Officer Direct Action Tactical Training Consultants. Phill is experienced as an instructor in all common firearms platforms, defensive tactics, small unit tactics, tactical operations, less lethal weapons as well as most skills related to personal defense. He has written curriculum for courses ranging from basic firearms skills through advanced SWAT schools. Phill continues to enjoy his passion for firearms by competing in USPSA, 3-Gun, and IDPA.

Sue Smith

Bio Coming Soon...