Handgun III

After the lessons learned in Handgun II, shooters proceeding to Handgun III will take those base skills and expand with context driven training. The manipulation skills for running a handgun are taught and applied in Handgun III. These skills include correct load procedures, emergency reloads, tactical reloads, malfunction clearance, dynamic trigger manipulation and reset and target transitions. All of the curriculum of Handgun III remains centered on the handgun itself, but increases the speed of application. Whether you are looking to use your handgun for defensive purposes or gain that edge while competing in an action pistol event, this course will greatly improve your skills.

Class is maxed at 12 students.

  • Investment: $169.99
  • Duration: 6 Hours Total (Two 3-Hour Range Session)
  • Recommended Skill Level: Intermediate
  • Equipment Required:

    • 300 rounds of ammunition
    • Appropriate range attire
    • Eye & ear protection (rentals available)
    • Working handgun
    • Range approved holster
Handgun III
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