Handgun II

Handgun II will introduce the new shooter to fundamentals of mechanical marksmanship. This course includes one hour of classroom instruction followed by two hours on the range. Students will shoot a variety of drills all focused on building a solid marksmanship foundation with the handgun. Through guided discussion, demonstration and practical application, a shooter will learn correct application of grip, stance, sight alignment, sight picture, trigger manipulation, respiratory control and recoil management. This course is a great step for shooters looking to utilize their handgun for defensive purposes or for those who simply want to improve their ability to make an accurate shot. The ability to effectively hit what you are targeting is the goal of this course.

Class is maxed at 12 students. You do not need to have your own handgun to participate in this course — we have plenty of rentals available. We also have eye and ear protection rentals as well as ammunition for sale at our range rental office.

  • Investment: $99.99
  • Duration: 3 Hours
  • Prerequisite: Handgun I
  • Equipment Required:

    • 100 rounds of ammunition (ability to come to the line with minimum of 20 rounds in magazines or loaders)
    • Appropriate range attire
    • Eye & ear protection (rentals available)
    • Working handgun (rentals available)
    • Case, pouch or carrier for the handgun (factory case is acceptable)
Handgun II
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