Basic Weapon Retention

Our Basic Weapon Retention Course introduces students to the core concepts involved in maintaining control of a firearms during a physical confrontation. This course is designed around the concealed carrier and is a perfect training addition if you carry a handgun for protection. This is a course where physical, defensive concepts will be introduces that rely on simple techniques that are effective under stress.

This is not a martial arts driven program that relies on complex movements to master, instead we will focus on giving participants an understanding of the “why” behind each defensive principle. We will cover concepts for defense prior to a physical assault, inside the holster and with a drawn firearm. The Basic Weapon Retention course will involve some light to moderate physical activity. This is NOT a shooting class and ABSOLUTELY NO live firearms, knives or weapons will be permitted in the training environment.

Maximum Participants per Class: 12

  • Investment: $39.99
  • Duration: 2 Hours
  • Recommended Skill Level: Intermediate
  • Equipment Needed:

    • Gloves
    • Holster for preferred Concealed Carry Firearm
    • Blue Gun identical to Carry Gun (Optional – We have dozens of blue guns but feel free to bring your own)
Basic Weapon Retention
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